La Fondazione S.n.c. is a symbol of excellence in furniture and design with unique glass products “Handmade Murano Glass"

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La Fondazione is a company founded in 1995 by a passion for the authentic Venice Art and in particular for the production of Murano glass, unique in the world for its sophistication and beauty. Our products Murano Glass boast exclusive features typical of hand-made products that make each piece a small work of art. 

La Fondazione offers its Murano jewelry that produces according to the process of manufacturing the light, the light blown and decoration with silver leaf and gold leaf, with engravings hot, "coldworking" fusing.

Our Mission & Vision

Our jewels in Murano glass are designed and produced directly by our company and are the result of an ancient tradition that developed and kept alive on the island of Murano in the Venetian Lagoon. 
They are manufactured using a special technique called "the light" that uses canes Murano glass, gold leaf and silver leaf, and other special materials that allow you to get to exciting results.
The jewelry manufactured by the light are created using long canes of colored glass and other materials. The great value of the jewelry in Murano glass comes from the ability to give style to the glass and express the artistic concept. 
The best Masters, for example, are able to achieve incredible tone by mixing different glass rods heated together.

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Handmade Murano Glas
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