Phoenician Black Oval beads with aventurine handmade in Murano glass

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Oval beads from the Phoenician collection handmade of certificate Murano glass in black and white with the addition of aventurine. One of a kind with bright colors. 

The package consists of 10, 20, 50 pearls of the same color and type. Each bead has a diameter of about 14 mm at the choice of the person.

If you want a custom package or diameter or a different color please contact us.

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The Pearls de La Fondazione - Handmade Murano glass Venice are individually handmade with the ancient Venetian art by our glass masters and only with authentic certified Murano glass rods.

Each pearl is different from the others precisely because it is individually handmade. La Fondazione - Handmade Murano glass Venice produces beads of various shapes, sizes and colors. Ovals, Hearts, Spheres, Flowers and much more, just choose! Make your own personalized jewel!

The glass processing is embellished with materials such as gold leaf, both white and yellow and silver leaf, aventurina, both blue and brown, chalcedony and dichroic glass, which enhance the shapes and transparencies glass, creating sparkling and refined plays of color, with the polychrome effect that makes it perfect for any type of clothing.

Each La Fondazione jewel is issued with a certificate of authenticity and guarantee which certifies its quality and identifies the Maestro who made it.

All our glass beads are made with lamp technique or paste and can be customized both in shape and color. Contact us and explain your needs or, if you want, send us a photo of a similar object you want and we will we will make for you.

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Black, Brown, White



Jewelry line



14 mm


Aventurine, Vetro


10, 20, 50

Suitable for



La Fondazione snc

Each glass jewel is shipped in a rigid box perfect for a gift, with the possibility of attaching your own greeting card.


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The cleaning of your Murano glass jewel is very important. There are methods and products suitable for Murano glass, which enhance its brilliance without damaging the jewel.

Just follow these simple rules:

For daily care, wipe the glass with a soft, lint-free cloth
Polishing cloths to which chemicals have been applied should only be used on metal parts and not on the glass.
If the glass becomes "dry" or opaque, use a small amount of mineral oil, rub circularly with a light, preferably lint-free cloth and then remove excess.
Do not clean with ultrasonic cleaning products or with products for silver.

One of the most common detergents in the home is certainly Marseille soap , useful both for some metal surfaces, as well as for glass objects in general. As a rule, it is sufficient to dissolve a tablespoon of soap flakes in a bowl of warm water, then moisten a microfiber cloth and wipe it gently on the surface to be cleaned.

If the object allows it, for example for metal rings with glass inserts, the jewel can be directly immersed in water for a few minutes, then rinsed under the cold current flow.