What are cookies?

The cookies (biscuits literal translation) are small pieces of textual type used to store preferences, data and information related to navigation and use of the website in question (user authentication, language, display preferences page). Each of these information useful for navigation or for the purposes of statistical analysis is used at each visit. The cookie will expire and will be destroyed according to how they were set by the site owners.

What kind of cookies are used?

When you visit our website, it is possible that your device are configured in the following categories:

  • Session or shipping (allow the user to navigate the site and take advantage of certain features on demand, such as storing language preferences or the ability to send orders via the website, and that you delete the browser is closed ) 
  • persistent (that are deleted after a certain fixed period) 
  • first party (which are subject to and read only domain that created them) 
  • third party (which are created and subject to external domains to that which we are visiting, our site is the only cookie that Google Analytics is for statistical purposes only). 

Most of them are absolutely necessary to navigate the Web site and use its functionality.

The e-commerce site of La Fondazione does not use cookies cookie technical profiling but only for the proper functioning of the pages of this site.